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...Today's Inspection - Tomorrow's Protection

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Residential Home Inspection

Home Inspection by Gulf Coast Home Inspections Cape Coral Florida

Today's Inspection - Tomorrow's Protection!
A Home Inspection is a professional, independent assessment of the technical condition of your house. Whether you're buying, selling or building a home the inspection reveals its condition and can save you preventively thousands of dollars. Within 24 hours you'll get a comprehensive report including many digital pictures as well as some infrared thermal images of critical areas for water intrusion and air leakage.

Areas we inspect:

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  • Walls, Windows and Foundation
  • Roof and Attic
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Kitchen, Appliances and Bathrooms


Infrared Thermal Imaging

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What's happening into your walls...?
By using the latest high-quality infrared technology we might get a good image what's going on inside your ceilings, walls and floors. Combined with building science, proper education and experience we are able to detect water leaks, moisture, air infiltration, insulation deficencies and overloaded electrical circuits and breakers. Long before it become visual to your bare eyes! Please click "More" for further information!

Areas we inspect:

  • Water infiltration, wet and moist areas
  • Air leakage and whole house insulation
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Electrical faults
  • Motors and Pumps
  • HVAC Ducts


Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection by Gulf Coast Home Inspections Cape Coral Florida

"Catch potential roofing problems before they become bigger!" Roof issues causing damage through water intrusion are the most sneakiest ones. And, if remain undiscovered, also the most expensive ones.

Unnoticed Leaks can cause mold, rotten beams and rafters, warped roof sheathing and other expensive damage. Water travels downward and the damage can be far away from the actual leak.

Every Roof Inspection includes:

  • Inspect the condition of roofing material, missing or broken tiles and deteriorated shingles.
  • Check proper flashing around vents, valleys, eaves and rakes.
  • Check downspouts for effectiveness of water shedding.
  • Inspect attic, roof decking, rafters and beams for mold, rot and moisture.
  • A detailed report including digital photos of the findings as well as recommendations for maintenance and repair.

A roof inspection pays off in the long run. Regular inspection and maintenance will help you to prevent major roof problems. To keep your roof in great shape, give us a call and schedule a professional roof inspection.


Wind Mitigation


Saving money with a wind mitigation inspection!
Many homes in high wind regions are eligible for annual insurance premium reductions. Those areas of your home may affect your hurricane insurance premium:

  • Roof geometry
  • Windows and doors protection
  • Roof deck fastening
  • Roof to wall attachment
  • Roof covering


4-Point Insurance Inspection

4 point inspection cape coral Gulf Coast Home Inspections

Insurance companies asking home owners of older homes for this type of inspection.
While performing a 4-Point Inspection we focus on four main areas of your home. We evaluate the working order, any deficiencies and age of these systems. The client may be asked by the insurance company to replace any of the systems if deficient.
Having a four point inspection could potentially help homeowners save on insurance costs as well as maintain safety for your family. These areas are of the insurance company's most interest:

  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Electrical wiring and components